La Isla del Viento


Miguel de Uamuno, a Spanish writer and philosopher, is forced into exile in Fuerteventura (in the Canary Islands) by dictator Miguel Primo de Rivera in 1924. There he will make friends with some locals, on whom he will exercise decisive influence. Years later, when the Spanish civil war began in 1936, he will be forced to face the insurgents at the University of Salamanca.

  • Original title
    La Isla del Viento
  • Year
  • Duration
    120 min
  • Country
    Spain - Argentina
  • Direction
    Manuel Menchón
  • Script
    Manuel Menchón, Dionisio Pérez, Juan Pablo Rodríguez
  • Photography
    Alberto D. Centeno, AEC
  • Cast
    José Luis Gómez, Enekoiz Noda, Ciro Miró, Ana Celentano
  • Producer
  • Gender
    Drama, Bio ic